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14 Principles of Peak Performance

With New Concepts & Tools

If you have the courage to face your fears and design a purposeful life filled with success, prosperity and fulfillment; this book is my personal gift for you. The purpose of my life is to help people do, be, share, give and create what they possibly can and build a meaningful life along the way.

Book Theme: Motivation, Inspiration

Language: English

Target Audience: Team leaders at various levels in the organizations


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If you have the courage to face your fears and design a purposeful life filled with success, prosperity and fulfillment; this book is my personal gift for you. The purpose of my life is to help people do, be, share, give and create what they possibly can and build a meaningful life along the way.


In this book, I am going to give you two gifts:

The gift of my philosophy encompassing three life-saving words – purpose, passion and performance showing you how to live a great life grounded in values, fulfillment and passion

The gift of 14 proven principles offering practical tools, insights and strategies to translate your life vision into reality.

The right alignment of this philosophy and principles can actually turn your life around, like they did for me. And I really mean it.


It doesn’t matter whether you are already a superstar or feel totally lost like I was few years ago, Tick Tick Dollar philosophy has the power to change your life. It is a tried and true recipe for creating the life you desire for yourself.


Tick Tick Dollar philosophy is not my invention. It is my discovery. I discovered this philosophy when I was at the lowest point in my own life. My 24 years struggle to turn my life around brought me to a point where I was homeless, jobless, visionless, hopeless, resource-less, loveless, and almost lifeless.


From humble beginnings, making $ 18 a month, to establishing a global management development & consulting group (Possibilities), Tick Tick Dollar™ philosophy has been my guide every single step of the way.

Each day I will commit to follow my purpose

I will use every waking moment to pursue my deepest passion

Every day, I will use the joint power of my purpose and passion to perform at the finest optimum levels.

The gift of Tick Tick Dollar philosophy takes you way beyond the traditional peak performance or success tools. It essentially is a mindset that challenges you to listen to your inner calling, redirect your enormous potential to move toward it, and live gracefully with an unquestionable legacy.

This book elaborates the same philosophy for you that turned my own life around. It will guide and inspire you to live with purpose and passion, and achieve a matchless performance every day.


The best thing this book can give you is the genius of building alignment between what is your reason for existence, what is that you really feel passionate about and how you can make a conscious commitment to perform at the optimum levels that others can only desire. The right configuration, alliance and union between purpose, passion and performance will bring a deeper sense of joy, satisfaction, and fulfillment to your life. It will guarantee goal achievement, balanced living, fulfillment and a profound sense of accomplishment each and every day.


Tick Tick Dollar™ will introduce a renewed sense of achievement as well as fulfillment in your life by focusing on what possesses real value for you. You will realize the importance and feel the urge to make better decisions while taking full charge for the results. Your mind will begin to experience freedom from irritating disturbances and will achieve greater calmness, serenity and peace. The new choices will allow you to pick a healthier, happier and more prosperous life.


The complete Tick Tick Dollar™ philosophy is explained in a nutshell below:

First tick is a reminder for you to live on purpose

Second tick prompts you to live your passion

Dollar challenges you to outperform opposition in pursuit of your purpose and passion.

The day I committed to do my very best to live this philosophy every day, it proved to be the turning point of my life. I discovered the truth that purpose is who you are and passion is what you do. When who you are is totally aligned with what you do, you become totally unstoppable.


Remember, living every day with purpose and passion for optimum performance guarantees achievement and fulfillment. Starting from today, ‘Living your purpose and passion for optimum performance’ must become the slogan of your life.


So are you ready to commit to live every single day out-performing competing forces in pursuit of your purpose and passion?


"Your personal story is very impressive. You have clearly lived the purpose, passion, performance logic you write about."

Dave Ulrich

#1 Management Guru


After reading this inspiring book Tick Tick Dolar, I´m about to try to follow my dreams. The book motivated me to pursue a more creative future and channel my passion for a greater life”.

TJorge Monje

General Manager COMO Hotels and Resorts,Thailand – Spain


“This book is a must read. It's changed my life and how I allocate time and energy into only things that really matter to me.”

Klaudia Mateszo

Director, London Lime Ltd, United Kingdom


This book gives a profound wake-up call to all those who'think' that the whole world around them is conspiring against their success. Once shaken and woken up, Qaiser helps them achieve wellbeing and accomplishment in life.

Abdul Sattar Babar

CEO & Country Head, IPSOS Pakistan


'Tick Tick Dollar helps you achieve goals. Organize yourself and take control of your life and fulfill your dreams'. it is a no nonsense guide to stop wasting time and get cracking as the only thing that stands in-between our goals and results is our attitude to TIME.'

Oana Alexandra

Director Straight As Ltd, Canada & Uk


'Since i left one of the biggest retails companies in the world and launched my entrepreneurial career to excellence, i always found i was short of time. Qaiser abbas' Tick Tick Dollar taught me what stole my time and its unique techniques added couple of hours to my week that made a big difference, Highly recommended manual for getting things done.'

Isabel Lewinsky

CEO Brand United, Warsaw- Poland


"When i started reading the Tick Tick Dolar, I quickly became comletely absorbed by it. its simplicity and common sense advice have made me step back and take stock of myself, my life and how i am living it. My thanks to Qaiser for sharing his journey with me through his book - very much appreciated.'

Ian Donald

Managing Director, Nestle Pakistan

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