Our Methodology

How do we design a learning experience for you?


is the acronym we use to explain the process and help clients create order in thinking, behaviors, processes and systems.

Observe  /  Reflect  /  Design  /  Engage  /  Reinforce



Observing the organization, business, team, strategies and results in a ‘structured’ way. The purpose is to develop an in-depth understanding about the organization and the environment in which it operates. We use assessments, company specific questionnaires and psychological measurement tools to identify and recognize growth opportunities at individual, team and organizational level.

The information, data and results gathered through ‘structured observation’ is then reflected upon by our team of facilitators before advising or putting together any program for the clients. These series of reflections include review of people development needs and possible methodologies to support the learning objectives.



This is the most crucial stage ensures a high-impact, fully tailored program to address company requirements. Program content, design, process, agenda, methodologies are finalized, linked and aligned with desired outcomes. This stage also includes the research work and preparation of course materials, cases and scenarios most suitable for the organization.

Based on a ‘trainment’ philosophy (a blend of training and entertainment), our facilitators engage audience both intellectually and emotionally. The ‘engage’ stage is basically about creating a memorable learning experience for participants. Whether in the indoors or outdoors, our learning experiences are fully engaging, inspiring and refreshing


We build partnerships with our clients by giving constant feedback on all co-created learning initiatives with them. We not only help clients assess the benefit of the learning interventions but also support them with the strategies to reinforce the lessons and skills for an effective transfer and implementation back at the workplace.

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