Employee Outsourcing

POSSIBILITIES®–Our Employee Outsourcing model is designed on International Parameters/Standards and fulfills Client’s employment needs from Search-to-Selection and Hiring. Our dedicated Outsourcing Team ensures that all the HR Processes are flawlessly fulfilled to the utmost Client’s satisfaction.

At POSSIBILITIES® we offer unique and unparalleled features. We give individualized attention to each of the outsourced employees from Pre Entry to Post Exit. Our uncompromising faith on Training & Development drives us to provide the outsourced employees with continuous Training & Development to enhance their ability to provide you with better results, and as well as keeping them updated with the needs of the day. We make sure that our employees become Brand Ambassador for our client even after getting disassociated with them.

Contrary to the standard practice employed by other companies in Outsourcing Business, we provide full Gratuity along with 100% interest deposited on the outsourced employees’ gratuity. To keep it transparent, we have scheduled Internal & External Audits to

provide our clients with the latest certifiable information, as well as we urge our client and are open to external full financial audit. We also share our external audit reports to our clients on a predefined schedule.

We fully recognize that not only are we providing Employee Outsourcing Services to Clients, but are also vested in protecting Client’s image and repo in the market, thus a great emphasis is always put on timely disbursement of salaries and benefits and as such we have zero tolerance policy on any complaint related to

Employee Compensation & Benefits.

Key areas of Outsourced Employment Services include:

Processing of salaries and pay packages/cheques

Income tax management for employees

Medical benefits / insurance management

Prerequisite handling

Terminal benefits management

Performance appraisal result coordination

Training needs analysis and facilitation

Subsidies and employees loan processing and custodial services

Staff survey and motivational analysis

Recruitment and induction

Satisfying EOBI, social security and other work place regulations

Indemnifying the organization of all statuary legal bligations

Dealing with legal complications

Other areas can be outsourced as per identifica

Employee Outsourcing

(USP/ Competitive Advantage)

Employee Orientation

Gratuity Mark up Disbursement

Employee Self Service Portal

Management Information System

Pay disbursement through Pre Paid ATM Card

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