Managers and leaders are becoming more aware of coaching style of leading and managing. However due to their overwhelming operational and strategic priorities, they don’t find time to learn and practice the fundamental coaching tools, frameworks, or methodologies. They don’t even find time to build their coaching skills!

In this power-packed program, your leaders will learn the essential skills to coach people for improved performance. Your team will have the chance to learn from Pakistan’s Premium Success Coach, Qaiser Abbas who is a Global Certified Coach with Marshal Goldsmith, the   World’s #1 Leadership Coach.   Qaiser has created and transformed dozens of teams through coaching. He will share the best practices, research, tools and models for coaching effectively.

The audience will learn how effective managers use coaching to establish clear expectations and accountability, how to assess performance, and how to conduct coaching conversations that build awareness and to get results.

Program Focus

To be an effective manager in increasingly fast-paced and complex organizational environments, coaching has become essential. In this program, participants will be introduced to the DARE Coaching System™, a coaching framework they can use to refine their ability to discern situations where a coaching approach might be more effective (vs. managing or problem-solving).

The program will allow your leaders to have more meaningful coaching conversations with their teams. By the end of this course, they will be able to demonstrate appropriate and effective strategies when engaging in coaching conversations with those they lead. The facilitator will help them practice and analyze various coaching scenarios during this course. They will have a great sense of what works well and not so well during such conversations.

The program will offer a lot of Peer-Coaching Practice opportunities. Audience will be having real life coaching conversation with another person where you can apply everything they have learned throughout the program.

Participants will also learn to practice habits that will support coaching, vs. telling or advising, leading employees to become more resourceful and able to solve their own problems.

Why This Program?

As managers and leaders, your job is to bring out the best in your people. Your ability to use right coaching skills at the right time can help you achieve this goal faster. Coaching helps leaders unlocking potential and creating peak performance.

This program will enable you to help your team solve tough problems, set goals, and learn on the job. See how you can use coaching to promote high levels of motivation and performance in your team. Get hands-on experience using a range of coaching techniques – including the DARE Coaching   System™ and PRICE™   Model for setting and achieving goals.

Core Content

Below are the FIVE central elements of this highly interactive coaching program. Your leaders and managers will leave the program fully equipped with the following:

  1. THREE fundamental beliefs of your DNA as a coach
  2. SIX most critical coaching tools
  3. SEVEN essential coaching skills
  4. FOUR-step coaching framework (DARE Coaching System)
  5. SIX-phase coaching flow to manage coaching engagements

Benefits For Participants

Learning to handle effective coaching conversations can bring out the best in your people. The techniques you will learn in this course can be used to:

  • Avoid losing control of your team and its performance
  • Gain influence and ability to drive performance
  • Avoid being disliked and shunned as a manager
  • Gain team support and respect
  • Avoid team wasting time and being demotivated
  • Create a productive, effective team that gets things done

Key Capabilities

The audience will come out of this session with practical tools for coaching in the workplace. In a ‘safe’ environment, the program will allow participants to develop the following capabilities:

  • How to decide when to use coaching, rather than other workplace learning.
  • How to use ‘power questions’ to bring out the best in your people? · How to structure a coaching session using the ‘DARE Coaching Model™? · How to actively engage your staff through coaching? · How to challenge un resourceful thinking patterns and attitudes using reframing techniques?
  • How to give feedback in a way which prompts learning?

Key Questions

The program will allow leaders to address the following questions:

1: Performance Breakthroughs

  • How coaching differs from what your managers might be doing? · Where coaching is useful, and where its not?
  • How to use coaching skills to improve virtually any conversation with anyone?

2: DARE Coaching System™

  • How to frame your coaching conversations even when you have limited time?
  • How to benefit from the coaching toolkit provided by your coach?
  • How to expand the use of DARE Coaching Model™?

3:  PRACTICE Coaching Skills

  • How to engage another person and create room for them in the conversation, even when the manager brings the goal?
  • How to go for give-and-take, dealing in others’ perspectives, and create more productive, satisfying outcome for everyone?
  • How to deliver a difficult message or give sensitive feedback, using coaching framework while defusing defensiveness?
  • How to develop a plan that puts their goal out there in a way that invites and holds a space for the other to engage, versus shut down, and participate in the solution?
  • How to act as the recipient of their own message? It’s amazing how a more effective approach becomes apparent when participants hear their own words coming back at them.
  • How to build post-training action plan customizing to their situations?

Target Audience

This coaching skills course is suitable for all managers, team leaders, supervisors and individuals wishing to develop their coaching skills.

Participants will get the most from this course if they are:

  • Committed to make a difference in the life of the people around them.
  • Ready to embrace new concepts, ideas and tools in a safe environment.
  • Willing to contribute to group discussions.
  • Comfortable participating in role play style activities.

Delivery Methodology

The program design utilizes tools deeply rooted into human psychology’s fundamental learning principles. This is an interactive course on coaching skills which will be delivered through a variety of methods including:

  • Case scenarios
  • Video feedback
  • Peer coaching
  • Skill practice
  • Small group discussions
  • Role plays or simulations
  • Insightful exercise
  • Question and answer sessions with their very own coach


Pre-Training Analysis:

01 DAY to fully understand the organizational context and participants’ learning agility.

Customization & Program Design:

02   DAY – Developing the program design, ensuring relevance to your audience. – Bridging core coaching concepts with your organization’s desired outcomes from coaching initiative. – Developing actual coaching scenarios and cases.

Program Duration:

2-3 Days (Actual delivery of the program) Three days initial learning with at least one day of follow up is recommended.

Audience per session: 

15-18 participants in each session

Total Participants: 50-60 participants to be covered.

Total Groups:  

3-4 groups

Total Days of Engagement:

6-8 days